FIT Generation Reading Submission

After six months I have finally been able to summit my first generation meter reading for payment. Southern Electric (sse) have delayed receiving FIT readings from me up to this point by changing the required submission dates. Today I have submitted this reading which should be paid by the end of June. I also understand that due to a Feed-in-tariff (FIT) generation rise on the 1/04/12 that this payment will cover two rates.

Solar Panel Generation Statistics – April 2012

April 2012, although a wet month, saw my South, South-East generation solar statistics continue to increase. March as reported provided a real kick start to the harvesting figures and April has seen another good month. I did feel however that there would have been a bigger growth than that achieved for the month, but I guess it was the wettest April for years and the last week of March provided such a boost!

I can’t complain with any of the recent harvest figures because my yield rates are now exceeding my overall expectations from what I experienced at the start of my journey.

The East-West Split system is also continuing to increase its yield and is looking like being quite a productive system especially now that the longer days are here with the bright sunny evening skies.

I’ve included both solar system statistics tables in this month’s blog report to view and compare.

Solar Panel Generation Statistics – April 2012 (South, South-East)

South, South-East statistics table shows that during the month of April 2012 my Sanyo solar panel array yielded 210.32kWs of electricity from the sun, averaging 7.01kWs per day. I also have a new highest solar panel daily yield of 12.87kWs.

Solar Panel Generation Statistics – April 2012 (East-West Split)East-West Split statistics table shows that during the month of April 2012 the solar panel array yielded 207.32kWs of electricity, averaging 6.91kWs per day. It also saw a new highest solar daily yield of 11.41kWs from the SunPower solar panels.