Twelve Months With Solar Panels

Yesterday marked the first anniversary of the completion date for my solar panel installation so I thought that I ought to make a quick post to signify the fact!

I remember the weather being a little cold during the fitting but when I reflect today on how awful it would have been if the solar installation was during weather like we have had in Devon over the last week. I really can’t remember a more wetter time than what we have been experiencing.

I always like to add a few solar generation statistics to my posts and today I have really have an off-putting stat to leave you with – Marking 12-months to the day yesterday from when my solar array panels were commissioned and switched on, I generated my worst ever day’s yield of just 0.13kWh. Putting a more worrying statistic on that – at this rate it would take hundreds of years to pay-off the solar panel investment!

But don’t worry – I’ve been there before – things get a whole lot better…


Solar Panel Generation Statistics – October 2012

South, South-East statistics table shows that during the month of October 2012 the 2kW Sanyo PV array yielded 128.49kWs of electricity, averaging 4.14kWs per day.

Best day: 8.89 kwh 16/10/2012
Worst day: 0.36 kwh 10/10/2012
Generation per kwp: 64.25 kwh
Daily average: 4.14 kwh

Solar Statistics October 2012 South,South-East

The East-West Split statistics table shows that during the month of October 2012 the 2.64kW SolarEdge PV array yielded 107.57kWs of electricity, averaging 3.47kWs per day.

East,West-Split Solar Statistics October 2012