Solar Panel Generation June 2013

Solar generation in June this year has turned out to be a good one with a good yield being harvested from my South, South-East solar panel system. The total electricity generated was 266.60kWs. That’s a 31.34% increase on the previous June. The statistics below shows, as already blogged due to its record, a daily high of 15.33kW achieved on the 6th! The monthly overall average was 8.89kWs per day.

The summer has started well and I’m hoping for more records very soon!

June Generation Stats
Best day: 15.33 kW 06/06/2013
Worst day: 01.75 kW 20/06/2013
Generation per kW/panel: 133.30 kW
Daily average: 8.89 kW

June 2013 Solar Stats