Record Week Of Solar Generation

Wow what a week! This week has both been encouraging and dispiriting all within seven January days. I’ve set four new generation records for my 2kW solar harvesting system. Three of which were very welcome. The other I would rather forget about, but for the sake of this blog I will bring myself to mention it once more!

First, just to confirm that due to the installation date of my PV array, my generation week runs from Thursday to Wednesday. Now then, to get it out the way I reluctantly report that my first record of the week was that on Monday 30th January I generated my all time low of 0.17kW. In fairness it was a dreadful day, very grey and wet from start to finish.

On a much more happier note I am pleased to report that during the same week I also broke three other records since having my solar panels installed. Even with the day mentioned above, the week turned out to be my best ever week’s generation yielding over 24kW of electricity from the sun’s rays. The other records for the week included the greatest yield in one day at 5.86kW and finally, if I have not bored you away, I also saw the highest generation peak from my array of Sanyo HIT-H250E01 panels at 1.464kWh that works out to be 73.2% of its maximum possible system yield.

Things are moving on a lot from two months ago when I reported very poor results in comparison. As this is only now the end of January I look forward to presenting even greater achievements from my little solar energy system!

My Solar Panels Are Up!

The installation of my solar pv system was completed today after a slight delay with parts.

Monday saw the installation team turn up nice and early. Two chaps worked on the roof cutting tiles and fitting the solar panel rail mounting brackets to the joists. Whilst inside the house I had one electrician installing the new fuse box / consumer unit and another working upstairs fitting the Sunny Boy inverter and subsequent wiring to the loft area. Apparently, although everything was there on on Friday, they could not start fitting the panels due to the solar panel mounting clamps not arriving.

On Tuesday no work was carried out due to these missing clamps and on Wednesday nobody turned up at all! Very poor communication received here as I could have gone back to work. However, later after chasing-up to see what’s happening I was informed that the clamps had just arrived that evening.

Thursday, after taking another day-off work, saw the fitters arrive bright and early to complete the installation. Looking back this delay did give me the chance to spot the intended space upstairs left for the generation meter. After explaining that I understood that this meter was to be fitted next to the electric meter it was thus fitted as originally planned. Having the meter here will then enable future generation meter readings to take place by a third party should the electric companies so wish without traipsing through the house.

My Solar Panel Installation Journey

I should have created this blog a long time ago as I would liked to have shared my journey and discoveries from the start about this solar energy generating technology.

I knew absolutely nothing about renewable energies before this project – maybe I should say interest rather than project, as it began as a curiosity in what my father was researching at the beginning of the summer. In fact at that stage I would never of even contemplated investing in such a undertaking.

At first, my father would be looking at various brochures detailing different solar photovoltaic (PV) systems and panels. I would have a quick look and that would be it. Later, maybe we would have been in a similar situation but also have a conversation about this solar power harvesting technology. My ears would be alerted to radio and television sun energy reports or my eyes drawn to a newspaper editorial. I guess by this stage the seed had well and truly been sown and what follows I enter into at my own free will and cognitive state.

I will try and record some of my findings, questions, discoveries and dilemmas experienced up until placing my order. And then go on and report any successes, disappointments, and even failures, but I hope that latter two will not be necessary or even mentioned again! I will attempt to also give an account of my fathers parallel exploits to our homes in Exeter, Devon UK