Solar Panels Ordered But…

Having committed to purchase my solar panel array and system, it did come at a cost. Partially down to my initial reluctance to commit caused by the problems already mentioned, and also down to the solar rush caused by the pending tariff changes – this has forced me to accept a different module to enable the culmination of the order.

Although still a Sanyo panel, the installer informed me that he could not get the more efficient Sanyo HIT-N240SE10 panels in time but could procure the larger HIT-H250SE01.

He also stated the panels would be at the same price as already quoted and that they would also give me a further 74.8 units per annum.

This could well be a good thing as I originally wanted ten of the slightly smaller panels, but due to a roof surface area restriction noted at time of survey it was found that I only had room for eight. So now with the bigger HIT-H250SE01 module I will gain a little more from the space available.

So, to confirm, my order has now been placed and the system will be made up as follows:

8 x Sanyo HIT-H250SE1 modules

The SANYO HIT(Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin layer) solar cell is made of a thin mono crystalline silicon wafer surrounded by ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers. This product provides the industry’s leading performance and value using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques.

    More Clean Energy
    HIT can generate more clean Energy than other conventional crystalline solar cells.
    Efficiency 20.8%
    Module Efficiency 18.0%
    Output / m2 180 W/m2

1 x SMA Sunny Boy SB2000HF Inverter with

    Max DC Input Power: 2100W
    Graphic display
    Bluetooth technology

1 x Schuco Module Mounting System

I have also taken the opportunity to have a full distribution board upgrade at the same time. The current board has long been overdue for an upgrade.

Hope I’ve Made the Bright Decision!

After several back & forth emails & discussions, and also after all the errors and mistakes within the paperwork and quotations which didn’t stop at the those previously mentioned, a decision has now been made. My father has decided to go with another solar energy installation provider that was also quoting on his system of choice. If fact, the required solar pv panel system set-up is one of this company’s specialities. All that remains for his install is getting a confirmed date to proceed. He’s chasing-up and emailing today for a commitment – Back again to the ‘We all want it yesterday scenario’ – sorry about that but due to these blasted tariff changes we do!

I on the other hand, am a little hampered for time, although I’ve received a rather attractively priced specification quote from the same Solaredge solar electricity installer, I will not be able to get a survey completed and an installation prior to the cut-off date of December 12th.

So far I have delayed my final decision due to the uncertainty of the standard of work that I may receive after such erroneous paperwork. The system quoted is not my first choice and thus again is causing me concerns and doubting the ability to deliver the finished product. On the other hand the guy that I have been speaking with seems a really pleasant chap and knowledgeable about the system quoted.

The paperwork issues I have finally put down to this particular solar installation company being so busy, this, together with the fact that he also rolls up his sleeves and works along side the solar install team on the roof also had a bearing.

Another point, although quite a large point was trying to get a confirmed installation date. I already knew that other installs were be carried out in the area and also due to the expected climate changes that could well be on the horizon – I wanted to get a fitting date during November. This would also then enable me to sort the necessary FIT application paperwork in plenty of time.

I was eventually able to commit to my solar installation date of 21st November 2011… hooray!

Solar Panel Site Survey

OK – the site survey has been carried out. I have requested the system which I had researched and everything seems achievable.

What did my survey consist of On survey day the man carrying out the survey turned-up early. He had a little look at the roof from the outside before preceding to the loft where he took internal measurements, between the eaves and also between the walls. He also took a compass reading and measured the thickness of the rafters. The meter which is located downstairs was also checked. The whole survey took no longer that 30-minutes to complete.

The same chap also carried out three more surveys close-by on the same day. One was for my father who again was pleased with his solar panel site survey.

My father has also requested the SolarEdge system – this system is probably even more beneficial for him as he has the East-West solar array split mentioned previously and the PowerBoxes should work well when the sun goes over from the East to the West array.

The quotations, project and economy reports should be back by next Friday.

My Solar System Wish List

Having researched some of the available solar modules and solar systems, I have managed to narrow it down to my number one choice. I found that there are so many panels out there you just go around and around getting more and more confused. It seems as in most things the more you pay the better the product usually is. The big named brands appear to have a lot of respect within the forums from installers and and end users alike, And being bigger manufacturers they should be around tomorrow! With this in mind I have also looked at warranties offered and you should be looking at up to 25-years with some performance loss acceptance up to 10-years and then a higher allowance from 10 to 25-years.

My own panel of choice, after reading the reviews, checking prices and looking also at efficiency is the HIT-N240SE10 from Sanyo. This solar panel offers 21.6% Cell Efficiency and 19.0% Module Efficiency this puts it amongst the best available for my budget.

To complete my chosen system I have decided after reading good reviews to match the PV solar panels to a SolarEdge system incorporating SolarEdge PowerBoxes and a SolarEdge inverter. This should work well providing up to 25% more power due to reduced power losses and better module monitoring. Reliability sounds good too with 25-years warranty on the boxes and 12-years on the inverter.

Survey day tomorrow!