Solar Quotation Received – But!

I guess with all the recent solar tariff reduction publicity lately it must be a pretty worrying time for businesses in the green energy industry especially those specialising in the solar pv market. It’s probably quite a panic to get in as much work as possible before the 12th December deadline – I know that I’m beginning to feel the pressure to get a system arranged before this date. And without these tariffs I’m not sure that I believe it will be possible to realise my desire and continue my solar journey.

I was expecting to get my quotation on Friday, but it arrived today, early by email with a phone call too. After reviewing the quotation I found that only the solar panels matched that what I had asked for at the time of the survey. No mention of the solar edge system that I had researched and wanted. My father’s quotation was the same and this has given us a reel dilemma. His system requires the solar edge system to have a greater chance of success. Being an East West split our researched found this system to be the best choice or you would require two inverters and two arrays! But his quotation had no mention of this detailing only one larger inverter for both the arrays.

This uncertainty, has now, together with the two quotes that hardly resembled our requirements left us with a lot of concerns.