Solar PV Feed In Tariffs Increase

The Solar Photovoltaic feed-in tariffs (FIT) will rise on 1st April 2015. This will be in line with inflation based on the Retail Price Index (RPI).

The RPI rate of 1.6% will be applied to the feed-in-tariff payments to solar electricity generators as from the beginning of April 2015.

This will see the top current rate of 48.07 per kW rise to 48.84 pence per kW. The export rate will also increase from 3.39 per kW to 3.44 pence per kW.

Solar feed-in-tariff rise 2015

These rates apply to the early adopters of Solar PV Generation. View the full tariff table of rates for the Feed-in Tariff Scheme for 1st April 2015 (PV Only).


FIT Generation Reading Submission

After six months I have finally been able to summit my first generation meter reading for payment. Southern Electric (sse) have delayed receiving FIT readings from me up to this point by changing the required submission dates. Today I have submitted this reading which should be paid by the end of June. I also understand that due to a Feed-in-tariff (FIT) generation rise on the 1/04/12 that this payment will cover two rates.

Increase in Solar Feed-in Tariff rates

For qualifying solar panel installations, April 1st marked an increase in the feed-in tariff rates of 4.8% in line with the retail price index. Some solar power harvesters will now earn a rate of 45.4p / kWh

Technology – Solar
electricity (PV)

Tariff level (p/kWh)*

Tariff lifetime

≤4 kW (retro fit – pre 3rd March 2012)



≤4 kW (new build – pre 3rd March 2012)



 See the new Feed-in Tariff payment rates here

Feed-in Tariff Appeal

Statement by DECC spokesperson

On the FITs appeal, A DECC spokesperson said:

“We have lodged grounds of appeal with the Court of Appeal. We hope that permission will be granted for an appeal and that we can secure a hearing as soon as possible so that we can provide clarity for consumers and industry on the way forward following the consultation.

“The High Court’s decision was based on the view that the proposed approach to implementing new tariffs for solar PV is inconsistent with the FIT scheme’s statutory purpose of encouraging small-scale low-carbon electricity generation.

“We disagree with this for a number of reasons. The overriding aim of the proposed reduction in tariffs for solar PV (as set out in the recent consultation) is to ensure that over the long term as many people as possible are encouraged to install small scale low-carbon generation (including other technologies as well as solar PV) and benefit from the funding available for the FIT scheme. Without an urgent reduction in the current tariffs, which give a very generous return, the budget for the scheme would be severely depleted and there would be very little available for future solar PV generators, or for other technologies. Our view is that the urgent steps we have proposed to protect the scheme for the future are fully consistent with the scheme’s statutory purpose.

We have also made the point that the judicial review was premature as no decision has yet been taken, and a decision will only be taken after a full analysis of the responses to the consultation.”

High Court – Subsidy Cuts Ruling

A high court judge ruled today that the governments plans to slash Feed-in Tariff incentives was unlawful.

Climate Change Minister Greg Barker responded:

“We disagree with the Court’s decision. We will be seeking an appeal and hope to secure a hearing as soon as possible. Regardless of today’s outcome, the current high tariffs for solar PV are not sustainable and changes need to be made in order to protect the budget which is funded by consumers through their energy bills.”

Hope I’ve Made the Bright Decision!

After several back & forth emails & discussions, and also after all the errors and mistakes within the paperwork and quotations which didn’t stop at the those previously mentioned, a decision has now been made. My father has decided to go with another solar energy installation provider that was also quoting on his system of choice. If fact, the required solar pv panel system set-up is one of this company’s specialities. All that remains for his install is getting a confirmed date to proceed. He’s chasing-up and emailing today for a commitment – Back again to the ‘We all want it yesterday scenario’ – sorry about that but due to these blasted tariff changes we do!

I on the other hand, am a little hampered for time, although I’ve received a rather attractively priced specification quote from the same Solaredge solar electricity installer, I will not be able to get a survey completed and an installation prior to the cut-off date of December 12th.

So far I have delayed my final decision due to the uncertainty of the standard of work that I may receive after such erroneous paperwork. The system quoted is not my first choice and thus again is causing me concerns and doubting the ability to deliver the finished product. On the other hand the guy that I have been speaking with seems a really pleasant chap and knowledgeable about the system quoted.

The paperwork issues I have finally put down to this particular solar installation company being so busy, this, together with the fact that he also rolls up his sleeves and works along side the solar install team on the roof also had a bearing.

Another point, although quite a large point was trying to get a confirmed installation date. I already knew that other installs were be carried out in the area and also due to the expected climate changes that could well be on the horizon – I wanted to get a fitting date during November. This would also then enable me to sort the necessary FIT application paperwork in plenty of time.

I was eventually able to commit to my solar installation date of 21st November 2011… hooray!

Solar Quotation Received – But!

I guess with all the recent solar tariff reduction publicity lately it must be a pretty worrying time for businesses in the green energy industry especially those specialising in the solar pv market. It’s probably quite a panic to get in as much work as possible before the 12th December deadline – I know that I’m beginning to feel the pressure to get a system arranged before this date. And without these tariffs I’m not sure that I believe it will be possible to realise my desire and continue my solar journey.

I was expecting to get my quotation on Friday, but it arrived today, early by email with a phone call too. After reviewing the quotation I found that only the solar panels matched that what I had asked for at the time of the survey. No mention of the solar edge system that I had researched and wanted. My father’s quotation was the same and this has given us a reel dilemma. His system requires the solar edge system to have a greater chance of success. Being an East West split our researched found this system to be the best choice or you would require two inverters and two arrays! But his quotation had no mention of this detailing only one larger inverter for both the arrays.

This uncertainty, has now, together with the two quotes that hardly resembled our requirements left us with a lot of concerns.

There May Be Light On The Horizon

After reading yesterday’s announcement by the Climate Change and Energy Minister Mr Greg Barker a little further, it appears my solar dream may not be completely ruined yet.

Mr Barker also stated within his report, the full version of which can be found here, that

The new proposed tariffs would apply to all new solar PV installations with an eligibility date on or after 12 December 2011. Such installations would receive the current tariff  before moving to the lower tariffs on 1 April 2012. Consumers who already receive FITs will see their existing payments unchanged, and those with an eligibility date before 12 December will receive the current rates for 25 years.

So, after reading this it seems it’s all down to getting my quotations through. And provided that the quotations are within budget and also, that I am able to get my solar array installed before this date, then it may well still be possible to continue my journey – If not, then I really do not believe that it will be economical to proceed.

Maybe solar panel installation prices will fall considerably after this date – Mr Barker refers to the “The plummeting costs of solar” I have not personally seen any evidence to support this, however my knowledge and research only goes back a short period. I can only go on what prices I have seen advertised. Time will tell when I get my quote back and able to review.