Is Solar Generation getting better?

What could I expect after a record solar power generation year? I would of hoped for a good steady January to start 2015 off… What I actually produced after starting the month poorly on the first day was yet another great month. It was the best January in the four that the solar system has been installed. Is this a lucky month after a great year or maybe it’s solar generation getting better with climate changes – whatever it is I’m very pleased to start the year so well 🙂

January 2015 Generation Stats
Month Total: 83.04 kWs
Best day: 5.90 kWs 19/01/2015
Worst day: 0.14 kWs 01/01/2015
Generation per kW/panel: 41.52 kWs
Daily average: 2.68 kWs

January 2015 stats

Twelve months to a solar record

After such a great year in 2014 for solar generation I’ve added another chart to show the yield progression over the twelve months. This eventually lead to my Sanyo panelled solar system achieving the best year to date.

A Solar Record Year

Looking at the year and comparing it with the previous three that I’ve been generating my own electricity, it was only June that stood out with an increase of 28 kWs. February and December also saw an increase. So, although a few record months, but no overall best month or day gave me the best year to date!

Record Year 2014 – Solar Generation

December 2014 solar harvesting results and record year confirmed

And as already declared one month early, 2014 has been a record solar harvesting year! On top of this record I have also managed to get a great December too. The system generated more solar electricity than the previous four. OK it was only 6kWs better than 2013, but in a month known for poor returns I’ll sing its praises any way 🙂

December 2014 Generation Stats
Month Total: 66.67 kWs
Best day: 5.50 kWs 03/12/2014
Worst day: 0.07 kWs 26/12/2014
Generation per kW/panel: 33.34 kWs
Daily average: 2.15 kWs

December 2014 stats

June 2014 Solar Harvesting Record

So far, this year’s solar generation figures has really been encouraging – June 2014 has given me another stunning return by setting a new record for the month of June some 10% up 🙂

June 2014 Generation Stats
Month Total: 294.96 kW
Best day: 13.85 kW 02/06/2014
Worst day: 3.98 kW 01/06/2014
Generation per kW/panel: 147.48 kW
Daily average: 9.83 kW

June 2014 Record Solar Figures

Record Devon Solar Generation Day

Haven’t posted many blogs recently other than the monthly statistics for my little 2kw Devon solar panel installation, but this month so far and in particular today, I felt that an entry was required to register a record solar generation day!

Last year was such a poor summer that I don’t recall any further records after May 2012 so I was pleasantly surprised when the little array returned me an electricity generation yield of 15.33kws. This together with the first few days of the month are making things look quite promising for the start of the 2013 Devon summer season. 🙂