A 5-minute call to save on Car Insurance

Save on Car Insurance

I’ve done it before and I’ve just done it again! In one very short telephone call I have just reduced my car insurance renewal premium by 12.5%.

How many people just let their motor insurance renew automatically every year without question? If it’s you then you are just wasting your money. I always question my renewal premiums whether it is vehicle insurance, or as recently posted on this site, my home insurance.

Do you want to save on motor insurance?
Today, as mentioned above, I have just saved on my car insurance again this year. I have completed this saving with just a short call to my current car insurance provider, Admiral, who I have been with for a number of years. You could use this method to save on any motor vehicle insurance. Whether it’s car, bike, van or whatever insured transport you use to travel around in – it has got to be worth the ‘very little’ effort as described here. You may not always save but I will say that so far I usually do!

Admiral Car Insurance

How did I save on my car insurance renewal premium this year?

  • As with most things, you usually need to do a little research. My research this time involved visiting two other car and motor insurance providers online and getting an online quote. To compare fully, you will need to enter similar details to your current policy. I did however reduce my voluntary excess more than my current arrangement. This, at the time, was an oversight but it did still bring me in a more favourable car insurance quotation. I do feel that having a low excess is a good feature although if I had kept the excess the same I would have had a slightly more competitive quote to compare.
  • Next I compared the car insurance quotation’s cover with that of my current provider. I checked through the details ensuring that I had got a similar policy. This would be required should I need to change motor insurance providers: Such details as the levels of cover, value insured, what the excess is for any potential claims, any courtesy car included, are they a regulated insurer will need to be compared.
  • The most competitive quote was then used to get in touch with my current motor insurance provider to give them the opportunity to match or bring down their renewal quotation. As with saving on home insurance I have found this to work previously. On this occasion Admiral Insurance were again able to achieve a better premium for me and also match the lower voluntary excess. I was very pleased with the result today as, it not only saved me money, it also saves on paperwork by staying with the same company.

Another result and saving £s on motor insurance
Either way, I would have saved money on my motor insurance today. If the car insurance was not matched I would have moved providers but I am pleased that I was able to stay with the same insurer.

So if you want to save some money next time you receive a motor insurance renewal quotation why not give this real-life money saving tip from Prudent Pete a go? I use it every year to try and save on car insurance costs and you could too…!

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