A Solar PV Record for March 2020

When I said previously that ‘records are made to be broken’ back in 2018, I really did not expect many more from the ageing Sanyo 2kw PV solar system.

It’s now some nine years since I began my solar generating journey and a new monthly yield record has just popped up unexpectedly after what was the wettest February on record in UK and the 5th wettest Winter overall.

So March 2020 has not only given me the best third month of the year figures since solar panel installation, it has achieved this by increasing the previous best set in 2012 by over 6%.

I recall this previous record setting month quite well as it was at the start of my first full year with solar panels. It really did start to show me how much electricity can be harvested with these systems on our rooftops.

Anyway less of the prattle 🙂 – the stats for the month are:

March 2020 Solar Generation Statistics

March 2020 Generation Stats
Month Total: 209.30 kW
Best day: 11.59 kW 26/03/2020
Worst day: 1.28 kW 05/03/2020
Daily average: 6.75 kW

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