Arrival of the FITs Contract

The SSE energy supply contract arrived today, but not for my system. Although the solar panel array was installed two weeks later than that of my own, it was my father’s feed-in tariff agreement (FIT) that was received in the post this morning.

The agreement came with a covering letter thanking him for appointing Scottish & Southern Electric as his FIT licensee. The document confirms that he has been registered for the FIT scheme with two copies of the contract to sign. One to be retained and the other to be returned as soon as possible in an enclosed pre-paid envelope.

Also stated within the communication are the submission dates that the meter readings must be taken and conveyed. This is the reading from the generation meter that records all yielded electricity from the sun. It is to be read and submitted to enable quarterly payments for FITs generation and export. These figures can be emailed or phoned through on or around the required dates.

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