Chasing-up the FIT Agreement

Over the last few days I have been trying to tie up a few loose ends left outstanding from my solar panel installation in November. Although only paperwork issues they are still important and I would rather get them sorted now rather than any later.

With the 3-month mark now approaching since my solar system array was installed I have now started chasing up on my Scottish and Southern Electric (SSE) feed-in tariff (FIT) agreement. I am not overly troubled by whether the application was accepted because I already know from a call made in November when I called SSE microgeneration to confirm its receipt that the paperwork was in order and that the feed-in tariff rate of 43.3p would apply from my installation grid connection date. It’s really now more of a concern after learning that other solar pv systems installed later than that of my own have already received and returned their contracts. Could my paperwork have been lost in the post? Could it be delayed due to the problem encountered with the electric meter spinning backwards on bright days and then subsequently changed over by the utility company? I came to the conclusion that 3-months wait is long enough!

I am not really any the wiser now – after calling the microgeneration department at SSE and explaining the situation, I am now awaiting a call back from their payments team to clarify matters. The gentleman who eventually took my call did confirm that it’s probably down to the meter swap scenario delaying things slightly, but as it does seem to be taking some time he would pass-on for a call back.

Hopefully I will receive that call quite soon confirming that the details are on the way – if not I will give it another week before chasing again – Another reason for wanting to get this resolved is that  I’m also going to start missing solar generation meter reading submission dates. Although I won’t lose out on payments – they will just be delayed.

Another issue that I’m still to resolve is that of the Sma Sunny Boy extended warranty policy. This warranty extension was purchased as part of my solar panel package and should really have been received at the time of system handover from the installers. I did question its lack of presence at the time, but was informed it would follow. I was concerned, but accepted this in goodwill. I have now chased the warranty policy on three occasions only to learn that it will be with me before Christmas, it’s coming in on the 27th Jan, and finally I have now learned that it will here on the 1st March!

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  1. Marcy says:

    Awesome advice! I have been previously looking for something similar to this for a long time now. Many thanks!