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How can I save money on Internet Security Software?

Let me start by first saying that this post is not a review or recommendation of any of the many Anti-Virus or Internet Security products that are out there. There are plenty of websites elsewhere for that if required. This is a real life money saving tip that I have used and continue to use each time my personal computer’s security program license is up for renewal. Whether I renew or change to a different make of security product I still use the same method and principles to save money when buying an internet security package. Therefore it’s an ideal tip if renewing or buying for the first time!

Internet Security
Rather a broad term – but from what I understand software packages for anti-virus and internet security have evolved and expanded a great deal over the years with each offering more and more features to provide protection from the many online threats whether it’s through email or on the web. Features include Virus and Identity Protection, Fires Walls, Link Scanners, Anti-Rootkits, Parental Controls, Spyware Protection and other threat blocking program attributes.

Internet Security

Free Internet Security
If you are looking for free or cheap internet security then I guess it’s the old case of “You get what you pay for” scenario. I used to use a free anti-virus program and a separate fire wall and as far as I know I never received and undetected infection. With that said I’m always a little paranoid about clicking on certain links or opening unknown files. Again, you can easily find and review free anti virus and security software packages by searching online. I decided a long time ago, for piece of mind and added protection, that a paid package was for me – possibly due to so much in our lives now being conducted online.

There are bound to be more deals and savings on internet security out there that will probably better my eventual selection. I have already come across banks and credit card companies offering free or discounted security suites to there customers including MBNA’s first year’s offer of a complimentary copy of McAfee online banking suite worth £59.98 that also includes a 50% discount for subsequent years. Barclays Bank as of this post’s publication date also offers its online bankers free internet security in the form of Kaspersky’s award winning Internet Security suite. I believe that it’s also renewable free of charge after the first year. And If you know of more offers then post a comment and share it below…!

Although these offers sound very tempting I have chosen a different route for my method of saving and getting cheap internet security. I’m purchasing a full package out right. This will also ensure I’m not dependent or reliant on a company to provide an initially free package and then either charge automatically after 12-months or withdraw any offers later.

Cheapest Internet Security
I have found that internet security suites are cheapest when purchased through online retailers such as Amazon. You may even get a deal on the high street if purchasing with a new computer or other accessory. This in my experience has been cheaper than purchasing direct from the software manufacturers. Also if you have more than one device in the household, then look for multi-license editions.

The deal I got allowed up-to 4 users under the one package. As a saving example on the 08/09/2013 I searched for Norton Internet Security 2013 and found a 1 year subscription that allowed 3 computers for £22.00. I then compared this to the manufacturer’s website and found that they were offering the same product at a discounted 40% off price of £29.99! Next I searched for AVG Internet Security and found a great offer, for my purposes, of £39.99 for a 4-user 2-year license. Again, I compared this to the manufacturer’s website and found the 2014 edition priced at an eye watering £94.00.

Cheapest way to renew Internet Security
This is not yet end of the blog entry as my final tip is to use the same basis for when the time comes for renewing your security subscriptions. Don’t just click the link “Renew License Now” in the control panel – always check it out first! I have never found it cheaper to renew this way. Instead use my Prudent-Pete method above and purchase the package again – if you get the correct product you may only need to enter the new license number. Obviously you will need to check it out first as with any tips I’ve mentioned here – it helped me save and I hope it does the same for you too!

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