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The cheapest way to get telephone line rental

How can I save on phone line rental each year? This is a question I was asking and have found myself asking again more and more especially with my current supplier putting up my charges in each of the last two years.

I’ve been with BT a few years now and the majority of this time has been on their line rental saver deal. It’s been a money saver while on the service but I now feel there’s better offers out there.

There’s probably other cheaper line rental saver packages around but I still wanted to stay with a company I know! The following information is based on my finding and what I consider to be the best deal for my purposes that will hopefully also help you!

Post Office Home Phone

As mentioned I was already on an advance phone line rental saver with BT. If you make lots of land line calls I guess you could go for an inclusive call package on top of the 12-month line offer. This would hopefully save even further on top of my eventual choice.

A little background information – I don’t use the home phone very much as I have a mobile which tends to be used for most calls that I make. I guess this is due to the convenience of it usually always being with you. My phone line is really just for my broadband connection with the odd occasional call here and there. I could have even gone for a broadband and line rental saver which may have even bettered what I now have. Instead I decided to stay with my current internet broadband provider as I think I’ve got a good deal there too – more on this prudent-pete deal later!

Be aware though and read the contract as I remember that when I took out my first line rental only service there was a clause that said you must make at least two calls each month or you will be charged the full monthly line rental. That’s easy enough I suppose but you still have to remember and do you really want to be bothered!

Before moving to my new provider, BT line rental as of this articles publication date works out at £141 per year in advance by debit / credit card – that’s equivalent to £11.75 a month. A good saving of £44.40 on their £15.45 a month normal price via Direct Debit and includes free weekend calls to 01, 02 or 03 numbers for up to an hour. That’s not a bad deal, however after researching what’s out there I found better or at least for me!

Drum roll! I finally opted and switched my home phone to the ‘Post Office HomePhone’ package. The deal will save me a further £21 (£65 if not on a 12-month saver!) using their Line Rental Saver compared to BT with an extra long weekend free call allowance that also includes 0845 and 0870 numbers. The call rates and connection & call set-up fees are also much more attractive. If you decide you really can’t do the up front offer at this time then the monthly price is £12, still a good saving of £3.45 per month!

Be careful when switching!
Another word of caution for anybody switching is to check the small print as you will most probably be required to give some notice to your current supplier.

There’s more good news for future changes as the Post Office HomePhone website said “There’s no minimum contract “ so there you have it..for me – win.. win.. with the Post Office Home Phone Line Rental Saver!

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