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Can I get better energy prices and save money?

With the winter again looming and the darker nights now drawing in I thought that it would be a good time to look at my supplier of gas and electricity to see whether I can save on energy bills. This is necessary more now with energy prices that are continuing to rise in these times of austerity and uncertainty.

If you have never looked at switching energy suppliers then you could be missing out on saving hundreds of pounds each year for very little of your time by just visiting one of the many energy price comparison sites online.

On top of this saving, many suppliers of gas and electricity also offer extra incentives to switch. This can range from fixing energy prices, shopping vouchers, cash back deals and even gifts. You can also save further with some deals by using a monthly direct debit arrangement.

Overview and my gas and electricity needs
I was already on a dual fuel arrangement for my energy supply and also gaining a little extra from having a direct debit each month. But I have asked the question “Can I get better energy prices and save money by switching energy suppliers?”. This I will point out is how I have managed to save money by changing to a new energy supply company for my needs – every household is different so you will need to weigh things up and do the research based on your usage purposes. I do hope however by reading my tip that it will help put you on the right path to a money saving energy price deal.

I’m already a fairly low energy user so I was not expecting too much of a saving however the result surprised me and that’s why I’m sharing this Prudent-Pete money saving tip today!

What did I do to save – 9 questions to cheaper energy bills
First I performed a quick search on Google for Gas & Electricity energy price comparison sites. I then chose a website called Uswitch from the results page but there were many more. I could of clicked on any of these and I guess they would all have allowed me to compare energy prices and return similar results and energy company offers.

A quick search online for details regarding Uswitch said that it is a company formed in the year 2000 that offers an impartial, no direct costs to the consumer, online comparison and switching service that helps consumers compare prices on a range of services including gas and electricity.

I then spent no more than a few minutes completing an online form consisting of nine simple questions within this site. I entered  my post code and then details of my current plan including: Do you use Gas?, Are you on a dual fuel tariff?, Select your current supplier which was Southern Electric for me, How do you currently pay bills?, Do you have Economy 7?, Your current plan / tariff name and How much you currently spend?.

Finally I submitted the form and the results returned were surprising – The top listing on the result’s page of eight plans that would lower my bills showed that I can save £99.95 by switching my energy supply to Ebico!

Energy Prices

Result –
I have just saved myself money by switching my energy company! I had not heard of Ebico before. Again a quick check said that it is a ‘not for profit’ company founded in 1988 with aim to “offer a competitive, fairer deal for domestic electricity and gas to British households”. They offer a No standing charge deal, just paying for what you use and this where I have saved most.

This may be something-else to bare in mind when researching your own deals – If you are a light user then a standing charge as in my case is where you may be penalised and paying unnecessarily more!

I am now saving almost £100 per year. And this for just a few minutes form filling!

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