Electric Generated From Solar Panels – During February

Things truly have now started to improve, the longer days reported on the 19th February made a big difference. I’m already thinking about the prospect of March as the solar harvesting figures begin to look really interesting.

This is the third month’s generation statistics since my Sanyo solar panel array was installed. Within the previous South, South-East solar panel statistics blog on 24th January I reported that my 2kW system had harvested just over 63.5 kW of electricity, averaging 2.05 kW per day.

At the time of the last stats blog I was reporting on each month from the installation date. Today and from from this month on to make solar generation statistics a little clearer I will begin by reporting by calendar month. This will also make comparison against the East-West split system easier to analyse.

Today’s entry shows that during the month of February my solar array yielded 102.74 kWs of electricity from the sun, averaging 3.54 kW per day. That’s a good increase from January. The solar system chart below also shows its best day with 8.94 kWs being generated on the 26th February. The longer sunny days will keep improving these figures for some time to come….

February Solar Panel Generation Statistics

February Solar Generation Statistics - Month Three

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