End of Summer Solar Panel Generation

Sorry, A little behind with my statistics again so this month’s blog is a triple solar generation report for the months of August, September and October 2013.

August 2013
August continued where July left off with a great set of harvesting results due to the good summer that we have been treated to this year. This last full summer month of 2013 generated 255.29kWs with an average of 8.24kWs per day. That’s a 21% increase on August 2012. The top daily yield of 12.36kWs came right at the end of the month.

With the sun shining again in August the final solar generation figures were:

August Generation Stats
Best day: 12.36 kW 31/08/2013
Worst day: 2.27 kW 17/08/2013
Generation per kW/panel: 127.64 kW
Daily average: 8.24 kW

August Solar Generation Stats 2013

After August I was pretty pleased with the year so far with the month continuing the upward trend on the previous year’s solar electricity figures. Reading on you will see a drop on the next two reported months but I should still hopefully achieve and record a record year in 2013!

September 2013
With all the success of the main summer months I did expect a little better from September 2013. But you can’t have everything – It was inevitable that a poor month would eventually arrive and this year it looks like being September. The ninth month of 2013 generated an electricity yield that was 44% down on 2012 with a total of 144.97kWs.

A poor month that started well but clouded over in the later part. The final September solar generation figures are:

September Generation Stats
Best day: 10.00kW 01/09/2013
Worst day: 0.74 kW 26/09/2013
Generation per kW/panel: 72.48 kW
Daily average: 4.83 kW

September Solar Generation Stats 2013

October 2013
With September being considerably down I did fear October being the same. However, after a few good sunny days during the month the figures rallied a little to produce a solar panel generation result that was passably on par with the previous year. A total of 125.92kWs was reached for the month.

Not bad overall with a total that should help 2013 be a record breaking solar electricity generating year. The final October generation figures are:

October Generation Stats
Best day: 9.07kW 10/10/2013
Worst day: 0.35 kW 01/10/2013
Generation per kW/panel: 62.96 kW
Daily average: 4.06 kW

October Solar Generation Stats 2013

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