Excel – Paste just the subtotal values?

How can I paste just the subtotal values in Excel

Do you need to copy the subtotal result values from Microsoft Excel?

Selecting just the subtotals

When you use the subtotal tool within Excel you often need to then use those figures in another workbook or tab.

fig 2. Not the required result

This can be a real pain if you are just using the copy and paste method as you end up showing all the expanded rows of hidden data instead of just the subtotals.

You select the subtotals and paste in to a new spreadsheet and you can end up with all the rows showing (see fig 2). This is not the desired result as we wanted just the grouped figures as selected.

Method to copy just subtotals

To copy and paste the subtotal values only – you will need to first highlight the required data and then press either the F5 key or use Ctrl-G. This will bring up the Go To box. Select special and select visible cells only. Next copy the selection using Ctrl-V and paste where you require the selection.

You should now have just the subtotals pasted as data.

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