February 2018 Solar Yield Record

A Solar Record for Feb 2018

This month it was great to see a solar generating monthly record being broken.

This was especially pleasing after such a poor year in 2017 with the overall total being the worse since the system was installed.

Last month my little Sanyo powered solar system broke a record by yielding it’s highest figure in seven years for the month of February 🙂

February 2018 Solar Generation Statistics

Not only was the record broken for the month, but on the 25th, the 2kw system also provided me with the best ever February day by returning a total of 9.34kWs.

February 2018 Solar Generation Stats
Month Total: 133.23 kW
Best day: 9.34 kW 25/02/2018
Worst day: 0.52 kW 14/02/2018
Daily average: 4.76 kW

February 2018 Solar Stats

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