Free Electricity To Cut The Grass

Cutting the grass for free!

When you have solar panels installed you can cut the grass for nothing or at least a lot less than if you didn’t have some of these electricity generating panels.

Whilst cutting the grass today, it was that sunny, I actually ran my mower for nothing saving £££s.

By cutting the grass or carrying out any other work during the peak generation period, for me and my system this is between 11am and 2pm, I was able to run the electric mower for free today.

The South, South East solar system was generating around 1800kwh at this time. This is the same power required to run the mower.

I think it’s a great feeling knowing that on a bright sunny day I can get out and cut the grass whilst also saving money 🙂 This is also on top of what I’m already earning from the solar PV feed-in tariff.

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