June Solar PV Generation Statistics

June 2012 should have been a good solar generating month, however I can’t help but feel a little robbed after experiencing the wettest June on record and one of the dullest too! Having solar PV panels gives you an added perception of the weather conditions around you, especially if like me you are in your first year of solar harvesting. You think only of all the sunny months you have experienced over the years – not even a flicker enters your mind of all the poor ones which have gone before and I’m sure that there were many!

With June also incorporating the longest day I was hoping to see some more yield records broken. We may still see these statistics reach new heights in July or even August but for now I can only reflect on what could have been. Anyway, I’m still, although less eager this month, going to keep on posting good or bad solar PV generation statistics for my South, South-East 2 kWh Sanyo solar panel array and my father’s 2.64kWh Sunpower East-West Split system.

The South, South-East statistics table shows that during the month of July 2012 the Sanyo solar panel array yielded 202.98kWs of electricity from the sun, averaging 6.77kWs per day. This is a little less than what was achieved in April.

June 2012 Statistics South, South-East

The East-West Split statistics table shows the system fairing a little better with a yield of 231.26kWs, averaging 7.71kWs per day. By comparison this is a little better than what was achieved in April – the system continuing to benefit from the higher sun throughout the day and late into the evenings.

June 2012 Statistics East, West Split

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