Let’s Set the Solar Scene!

OK, having already decided that the solar panel PV electric producing idea is for me, with the feed in tariff incentives and all the good reviews around it seems a no-brainer to give it a go. Especially when you consider that firms backed by investments companies are basically leasing peoples roofs for 25-years to put their panels up. Granted they are probably hand picking the best south facing properties. But even so this must be a great opportunity to not only make your own electric but also get the whole system paid for by itself!

Let me describe the property for my project, my home. It’s a small South, South East facing end terrace house with roman roof tiles situated in the City of Exeter within the county of Devon UK. Yes it’s only a small property but it’s still my castle and I believe it will be an example of what can be produced at the lower end of the spectrum inspiring others to test the water or should that be the sun!

In parallel, my fathers home, who I have already mentioned started me on this challenging journey is a medium sized family semi detached chalet house with roof apexes facing East and West. All in all a much more ambitious project which he has researched a great deal. His plans are to have an East-West solar array split! Being a chalet roof he is limited by the number of solar modules that can be fitted on each side.

My own solar array installation will be approximately eight to ten modules depending on size of panels and space available. I will find this out once my site survey has been completed – that’s next!

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  1. John says:

    Great help – Please keep going!