Motorcycle Insurance Savings

Let’s play the yearly game of ‘Save on Motorcycle Insurance’ renewal premiums!

This seems to be a routine each year now when I get my Motorcycle Insurance renewal premium come through either by post on the doorstep or in the email inbox. And then I go through my tried and tested ritual of getting my insurance for less as explained in my post Save on Motorcycle Insurance 🙂

I have saved myself £pounds in the past on every occasion that I’ve applied this money saving tip. And yesterday I saved again with just 10-minutes of my time. You too can save on bike and motoring insurance with very little work.

And it’s not just vehicle insurance that you can save on – I’m also saving on house insurance with my Prudent-Pete methodology.

Asda online motorcycle insurance comparison site

This year, I once again used the Asda online motorcycle insurance comparison site. Their phrase on their website at the time was “ Well beat your cheapest online motorbike cover quote* ” so I wasn’t surprised when I received quotations for a lot less than my renewal premium. After a quick check to ensure all the cover and details were the same I phoned my current insurance broker and with a little haggling and sticking to the new quote I managed to stay with the same company with a motorcycle insurance renewal saving of over 22% 🙂

I’ve saved on my motorcycle insurance – did you?

Why not try my real-life Prudent-Pete money saving tip yourself and see how much you could save on your motorcycle insurance next time the renewal premium pops through the letterbox.

Please let us and others know how you got on via our Facebook page!


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