My Solar System Wish List

Having researched some of the available solar modules and solar systems, I have managed to narrow it down to my number one choice. I found that there are so many panels out there you just go around and around getting more and more confused. It seems as in most things the more you pay the better the product usually is. The big named brands appear to have a lot of respect within the forums from installers and and end users alike, And being bigger manufacturers they should be around tomorrow! With this in mind I have also looked at warranties offered and you should be looking at up to 25-years with some performance loss acceptance up to 10-years and then a higher allowance from 10 to 25-years.

My own panel of choice, after reading the reviews, checking prices and looking also at efficiency is the HIT-N240SE10 from Sanyo. This solar panel offers 21.6% Cell Efficiency and 19.0% Module Efficiency this puts it amongst the best available for my budget.

To complete my chosen system I have decided after reading good reviews to match the PV solar panels to a SolarEdge system incorporating SolarEdge PowerBoxes and a SolarEdge inverter. This should work well providing up to 25% more power due to reduced power losses and better module monitoring. Reliability sounds good too with 25-years warranty on the boxes and 12-years on the inverter.

Survey day tomorrow!

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