September 2012 Solar Panel Generation Statistics

September solar generation – I guessed that this was going to be the month when solar harvesting would start to wind down a little, especially with the autumnal nights now drawing-in in the build-up to winter. Well the days have certainly grown shorter and the nights longer, but I have been quite pleased with the South, South-East’s  generation figures for the month. The first table shows that during the month of September 2012 the 2kW Sanyo solar PV array yielded 207.02kWs, averaging 6.90kWs per day. This is more than what was achieved in June and very close to August’s yield!

Solar Generation Statistics - September 2012This East-West Split statistics table also shows that during the month of September the SolarEdge system array yielded 201.63kWs, averaging 6.72kWs per day. The solar set-up now beginning to suffer a little without the late evening sun!

East west split solar generation stats - September 2012


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