So What of the East-West Split Solar Array?

First, I’m sorry for not keeping up to date with the other solar installation which I am also watching with interest. What with all the work going on I find myself a little behind!

Anyway, back on November 12th I reported that my father was emailing and telephoning around trying to get a confirmed installation date. This was a bit of a struggle, after first agreeing to install before the cut-off date and then saying that they could not, a solar system installation date of 7th December was finally agreed. It seems part of this particular solar energy company was not communicating with the other.

This was one of two hiccups encountered pre-installation. The paperwork side was very good, receipts, deposit insurance and advice of works all received in a timely manner. However, communication again was lacking, this time from the project manager / coordinator appointed to watch over the installation was non-existent. At 13.30hrs, Two days prior to the installation date of the 7th December, my father enquired whether scaffolding had been arranged and if so when would it be arriving. Later that day he heard for the first time from the project manager!

The scaffolding was erected first-thing today all ready for this East-West split solar panel array installation.

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