Solar Electric Generation – February Stats – East West Split

Late again, but here are the east-west solar array split’s February generation statistics. These stats are from the 2.64kW system, which employs SunPower 240kW E19 Series solar panels with SolarEdge power optimisers.

I expect that some of the more keener viewers of this site will have spotted that I have not reported on part of January. I was reporting on each month from the installation date. However from this month on to make solar generation statistics a little clearer I have started by reporting by calendar month. This will make comparison against the south, south-east system easier to compare. I will try to add the missing January statistics later.

East-West split solar generation stats for February 2012The electricity generation statistics are for the period from February 1st to 29th. During this second reported month the system harvested just over 91.2 kW of electricity, averaging 3.15 kW per day. The chart also shows the highest day of generation at 6.71 kW.

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