Solar Generation Statistics – December 2012

South, South-East statistics table shows that during the month of December 2012 my Sanyo PV solar array yielded 60.64 kWs of electricity, averaging 1.96 kWs per day.

Best day: 5.46 kW 10/12/2012
Worst day: 0.02 kwh 19/12/2012 🙁
Generation per kwp: 30.32 kW
Daily average: 1.96 kwh

I thought that I had experienced the worst day when I reported a 0.13 yield on the 24/11/2012 – well after a dreadful day’s weather on the 19th December my system generated a mere 0.02 kWs!

South South-East December 2012 Solar stats
This is the last East-West Split statistics table and ends the twelve-month period since installation. I will only be blogging the total monthly yield from now on for this system. The table shows that during the month of December 2012 the 2.64kW SolarEdge PV array yielded 40.69 kWs of electricity, averaging 1.32kWs per day.

East-West Split December 2012 Solar Stats

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