Solar Installation All Set To Go!

After lots of buts and deliberation the time has finally arrived for me to take my first steps in to the world of solar power harvesting and generation.

The scaffolding arrived and was erected today with good advisory comms prior from the installer. He has also informed me that my property was one of three in the area set to start on Monday morning with a solar pv install. As my array was relatively small it should be completed by Wednesday for a GRID connection and customer handover.

The weather is also looking good for next week – unlike what I was expecting compared to this time last year. I have booked some time off to be around for at least part of the installation process and handover.

I will try and get some photographs during the install to post on this blog and later in the week hopefully be able to give some data feed-back from my first day of generation.

For now though, Scaffolding up and ready for solar PV installationI have attached a photograph of my roof showing scaffolding up and ready for the solar installation team on Monday. I may, if I get time, get up there myself over the weekend  and do a few jobs. I need to seal a soil pipe stack and also the surrounding tile flashing needs re-pointing. Then if weather permits I will get some of the moss off where the solar panels will cover. I know, I am fussy but now is the time if I want to to it!


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