Solar Installation Complaint

Over the weekend the complaint was submitted regarding all the problems and faults discovered upon the inspection of the solar panel installation. Most of which has already been mentioned within my previous blog.

Yesterday the fitters returned to rectify the loose ridge tiles. They wanted to do this by climbing up to the top of the apex and also on the end of a fully extended ladder, which even then would not give sufficient reach to work safely let alone complete an adequate job. My father deemed this as unsafe and impractical to complete to an acceptable finish. He stopped them from attempting this and offered, with my help, to do the ridge tile repairs himself providing that  the correct scaffolding was erected. The original scaffolding should have been put around this area as per initial quotation and instructions. If they can arrange this it would enable us to remove the top dry verge tiles and give access to remove and re-bed the ridge tiles and complete the work correctly.

One of the fitters also looked in the loft to check the rafter screws. He wanted to redo the screws by undoing and straightening them up. My father was not prepared to have this done due to the weather conditions and poor lighting – Not to mention the mess made last time. Later, it was decided that this would probably further weaken the rafters and that bracing over would be a better option.

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