Solar Panel Electricity Generation – New Heights

What a day – new records broken despite the weather not being perfect.

My little 2kW array of Sanyo HIT-H250E01 panels started the Sunny Boy inverter flashing just before 7.30am today and was then generating electricity shortly afterwards. That’s the earliest yet, or what I’ve seen so far anyway. This was also after a slightly frosty night so there would probably have still been frost on the panels to deal with too.

I checked the inverter display again while approaching the best generation time of day, this was around 11.30 and was pleased to witness my highest peak of generation so far. With a peak of 1821kWh, this far eclipses all previously seen figures including when I reported several records broken on the Feb 2nd. This is now giving my solar system 91% of its possible output. And that figure means a lot in that I now know that I have a solar array that’s working well – OK I still want the other 9%, but for February that’s got to be pretty good.

The day ended with a generation figure of 7.72kWs – yes another best! And as the end of February approaches my solar system is now generating for about 9.5 hours per day – starting at 07.30 and ending around 17.00.

The months not out yet and I feel there’s still more personal solar power generation records to come in February… watch this space!

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