Solar Panel Generation – First Month Stats

Today  marks my first month since my Sanyo solar panel array with Sunny Boy inverter was installed. Within a previous blog, on 27th November after just four days, I posted my first solar electricity generation statistics. Maybe at that time I set my expectations a little high, especially considering it was the end of November with the darkest and shortest of wintry days still to come.

At that time I could not compare these solar stats with other systems in the area. Even now I can not compare like for like electricity harvesting systems. I have however, now that I have my own system, come into contact with others who have offered some feedback. Also since the 7th December, if you have been following these pages, you will have noted that my father is also now an owner of a solar array. This will enable future entries to include statistics for this system also.

As already mentioned, I am a solar novice and this was and still is all very new to me. I’m promoting this blog as my journey in the hope that it will help others. Maybe inspire and encourage others to do the same. Or pessimistically, dissuade them!

Below I have published my first month’s electricity generation statistics for the period from 24th November to 23rd December 2011. If you have not been following, these figures are for a 2kWh solar array facing south, south-east. During this first month the system harvested just over 53 kW of electricity, averaging 1.77 kW per day. The chart also shows some interesting spikes of generation hitting highs of almost 3.5 kW.

Solar electricity generation statistics - month 1

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  1. Denny says:

    Helpful advice! I have been looking for something such as this for a long time now. Thanks for the tips!