Solar Panel Generation Statistics – March (South, South-East)

OK, this must be where it starts! I did not anticipate March to provide such a kick start to the generation figures. I did feel it would improve slightly on February, but not as much as it did. The last week albeit yesterday I can’t ever see eclipsing, it was an incredible end to the month. Up until the beginning of March things have gradually got better, generation daily yields steadily increasing, but this month really does put my mind at ease knowing for the first time that my solar panel investment was a good decision. I know that I can only go on the expected average based on the statistics already returned, but if things continue this way then the March average has boosted things and knocked years off paying for my solar array installation.

See for yourself how the statistics have improved – the last week alone harvested almost 70kWs with an average of just under 10kWs per day. This same week also saw my new highest solar panel daily yield of 11.76kWs. The entry also shows that during the month of March 2012 my solar panel array yielded 196.90kWs of electricity from the sun, averaging 6.35kWs per day.

March Solar Panel Generation Statistics

March 2012 Yield - South, South-East

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