Worse Year So Far – 12-months Solar Generation

2017 Solar Panel Generation Stats

Another year with a drop in solar generation. Last year saw a slight decline that followed a couple of very good years including the record breaking 2014. This year however is the lowest so far with low figures throughout most of the year. The only highlight did see the last few months receive a little pick-up helped with a November record.

Hopefully 2018 will be a better year for the Sanyo paneled 2kw system.

The chart below shows the performance over the last twelve months.

2017 Solar Generation Stats

Can’t Grumble 12-months Solar Generation

2016 Solar Panel Generation Stats

Following a couple of very good years of solar generation including the record breaking 2014, this year was a little let down with poor performance over the winter months.

2016 was not the lowest so can’t really grumble and I’m still pleased with the year’s yield from the 2kw system. The chart below shows the performance over the last twelve months.


Solar Panel System Failure

Solar inverter fails within four years!

I haven’t blogged about the the East-west split solar system for some time. As far as I know it had been doing very well and running without problems. This was until last week when I learnt that the SolarEdge inverter had stopped working.

Solar InverterAfter checking the display panel we found that it was showing ‘Error Code 26’ – a faulty AC relay. We checked the manual and it appears that this is caused when the AC relay fails during the wake-up test and that we should contact SolarEdge support.

After a couple of calls to the company that installed the solar panel system we were informed that the inverter would need replacing. We were rather shocked at this news as the system hasn’t even achieved four years use πŸ™

Although we were expecting an inverter to last a lot longer than just four years, we were very pleased that the inverter and initial installation was still under warranty. The installation company ordered a replacement and installed the unit within 7-days. It would have cost around eight hundred pounds if the inverter was not within warranty.

I can’t help now thinking about how many inverters we will get through before the systems pay for themselves!

Solar Generating Stats – July 2015

Poor Solar Harvesting Result

After a poor May, then a great June – we’ve now got an exceptionally poor July πŸ™ July 2015 has been the poorest July since my solar system was installed by some 27%.

July 2015 Generation Stats
Month Total: 237.23 kW
Best day: 13.03 kW 25/07/2015
Worst day: 0.89 kW 24/07/2015
Generation per kW/panel: 118.61 kW
Daily average: 7.65 kW

July 2015 Solar Stats

Solar Generating Results – June 2015

Another Great June Solar Harvesting Performance

June last year was a record solar generating month that was some 10% up. This year, June was also a great month, not quite matching the previous year but still very welcomed after May’s poor performance.

June 2015 Generation Stats
Month Total: 290.79 kW
Best day: 14.00 kW 08/06/2015
Worst day: 4.49 kW 26/06/2015
Generation per kW/panel: 145.39 kW
Daily average: 9.69 kW

June 2015 Solar Stats

Poor Solar Generation for May 2015

The solar system followed the best April so far with the worst May – so not a good month to report. Apart from March, 2015 had started well with some good solar generation results that I’d hoped would have continued into May. I guess that’s the lottery of the weather – let’s hope the summer will be a jackpot!

May 2015 Generation Stats
Month Total: 257.61 kWs
Best day: 12.54 kWs on 19/05/2015
Worst day: 0.9 kWs 02/05/2015
Generation per kW/panel: 128.80 kWs
Daily average: 8.31 kWs

Solar Generation Stats May 2015

Record April 2015 Solar Stats

What a great month April was for the little solar system. It was the best April so far beating the previous holder by over 40kWs. That’s more like it after March being so down!

April 2015 Generation Stats
Month Total: 279.02 kWs
Best day:Β  joint with 13.74 kWs on 19th and 22nd /04/2015
Worst day: 2.74 kWs 02/04/2015
Generation per kW/panel: 139.51 kWs
Daily average: 9.30 kWs

April 2015 Solar Stats