2014 Solar Results – September

The 9th month of the year gave a good electricity yield, not the best September, but still better than the poor return experienced in the same month of 2013!

September 2014 Generation Stats
Month Total: 181.49 kW
Best day: 10.71 kW 09/09/2014
Worst day: 2.01 kW 20/09/2014
Generation per kW/panel: 90.74 kW
Daily average: 6.05 kW

September 2014 stats

August 2014 Solar Results

The last of the peak solar generation months for this year has returned a good 245 kWs of electricity. A little down from 2013 but still averaged nearly 8 kWs per day from the little system.

August 2014 Generation Stats
Month Total: 245.85 kW
Best day: 12.68 kW 07/07/2014
Worst day: 1.91 kW 27/07/2014
Generation per kW/panel: 122.93 kW
Daily average: 7.93 kW

August 2014 stats

Solar Generation Results July 2014

Not the best July but still a very good return from the little Sanyo solar panel system. And with the month’s worst day harvesting at nearly 5 kWs – you can’t complain at that!

July 2014 Generation Stats
Month Total: 294.35 kW
Best day: 13.83 kW 02/07/2014
Worst day: 4.90 kW 01/07/2014
Generation per kW/panel: 147.18 kW
Daily average: 9.50 kW

July 2014 Results

June 2014 Solar Harvesting Record

So far, this year’s solar generation figures has really been encouraging – June 2014 has given me another stunning return by setting a new record for the month of June some 10% up 🙂

June 2014 Generation Stats
Month Total: 294.96 kW
Best day: 13.85 kW 02/06/2014
Worst day: 3.98 kW 01/06/2014
Generation per kW/panel: 147.48 kW
Daily average: 9.83 kW

June 2014 Record Solar Figures

Solar Harvesting May 2014

Down on last May, but overall this is the best 5-month start to a year I’ve had from the Sanyo solar panels!

May 2014 Generation Stats
Month Total: 259.98 kW
Best day: 14.22 kW 21/05/2014
Worst day: 3.29 kW 29/05/2014
Generation per kW/panel: 129.99 kW
Daily average: 8.39 kW

May 2014 Solar Statistics

Solar Generation for April 2014

April was a good month that was boosted midway with several daily yields in excess of 10 kW from the little 2kW system. The start of the year has proved to be very strong! 🙂

April 2014 Generation Stats
Month Total: 224.35 kW
Best day: 13.06 kW 14/04/2014
Worst day: 0.6 kW 20/04/2014
Generation per kW/panel: 112.18 kW
Daily average: 7.48 kW

April 2014 Solar Stats

March 2014 Solar Harvesting Results

Another good month – March has continued with some high yields of solar electricity generation.

March 2014 Generation Stats
Month Total: 196.30kW
Best day: 10.52 kW 30/03/2014
Worst day: 0.72 kW 06/03/2014
Generation per kW/panel: 98.15 kW
Daily average: 6.33 kW

March 2014 Stats