Solar Panel Installation Report

The FIT application was submitted by email on Thursday evening without any problems. As the December 12th deadline was now approaching, my father also phone the supplier to confirm its receipt. I won’t go into too much more detail on this process as my previous blog on the 1st December can be read ( here ), this goes into a little more about the FIT application and submission procedure experienced with my own installation towards the end of November.

Today, my entry is really concentrating on providing a report and details of my father’s actual installation. As mentioned on my previous entry that an inspection would be required due to noticing and hearing a few disconcerting sounds. Also I have provided some photographs to show the finished East-West solar panel installation.

We first checked the loft area as this was an area where my father had heard a rather abrupt command of ‘stop’ by one of the fitters. On inspection we found that the top corner of the gable end internal wall where it joins the rafters and roof supports was showing a large hole. On closer inspection we found that the fitter must have been drilling upwards towards the ridge tiles. This had caused some of the masonry and block work to come away just underneath. He had then re-drilled horizontally some 150mm lower.

Next, while still in the loft, we found holes in the felt where the fitter must have stabbed at the felt with either a screwdriver or drill. Nearby he had used another hole to feed the solar array’s cabling through. Why he did not use the lap of the felt located just above to do this is just one of the questions we will be asking. Also we were horrified to see screws splitting down the sides of the rafters. Others were coming out at all sorts of angles with more that fifty percent of the screw not in the joist. Instead of using a pilot hole first, he must have just screwed-in causing several more instances of this on each side of the loft.

This stomach churning experience then continued on the outside. While looking up under the gable end we could see that a hole was drilled and then left unused in the fascia board. A tile was also hanging precariously just above, and the dry verge cap was no longer straight. Coming around the back of the house looking up at the ridge we could see that the end ridge-tile was longer sitting fixed to its bed of mortar.

A complaint will now be made detailing some of our findings. I will also try to borrow a long enough ladder to get up on the roof and see what else has been going on.

West side of East-West solar splitEast side of East-West solar split

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