Solar Panel System Failure

Solar inverter fails within four years!

I haven’t blogged about the the East-west split solar system for some time. As far as I know it had been doing very well and running without problems. This was until last week when I learnt that the SolarEdge inverter had stopped working.

Solar InverterAfter checking the display panel we found that it was showing ‘Error Code 26’ – a faulty AC relay. We checked the manual and it appears that this is caused when the AC relay fails during the wake-up test and that we should contact SolarEdge support.

After a couple of calls to the company that installed the solar panel system we were informed that the inverter would need replacing. We were rather shocked at this news as the system hasn’t even achieved four years use 🙁

Although we were expecting an inverter to last a lot longer than just four years, we were very pleased that the inverter and initial installation was still under warranty. The installation company ordered a replacement and installed the unit within 7-days. It would have cost around eight hundred pounds if the inverter was not within warranty.

I can’t help now thinking about how many inverters we will get through before the systems pay for themselves!

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