System Specifications

After researching my PV system of choice and then experiencing all the subsequent changes in solar panels array specifications leading up to finally getting an installation, I thought that it would be a good idea to have a page showing what I eventually did have installed. Likewise, my father’s east-west split system specification is also shown below. His system ended up with only the panels differing from that what he had originally planned for.

The South, South-East Solar 2kW System Array

Installed solar panel PV arraySolar Panels
8 x Sanyo HIT-H250E01 Modules

1 x SMA Sunny Boy SB2000HF Inverter

Roof Fixings
1 x Schuco Module Mounting System

PC with Bluetooth adaptor technology (more details)


The East-West Split Solar 2.64 System Array

Sunpower E19 Solar Panels on West SideSolar Panels
11 x SunPower E19 240 SPR-240NE-WHT-D Modules

Power Optimiser
11 x SolarEdge Optimiser OP250-LV (MC4)

1 x SolarEdge SE3000 Inverter

East side of East-West solar splitRoof Fixings
1 x K2 System Roof Fixings

Internet Portal Monitoring

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  1. Simon says:

    Hi, What system spec did you originally require?