Zero Solar Generation Day!

I had thought by now after having my solar panel system for over two years that I’d probably experienced all the bests and lows. However on the 23/12/13 I had my first zero generation day 🙁 And before you ask – was the system at fault, I can safely say everything was working fine but the weather was dreadful – one of the most bleakest and dimmest days I’ve seen for years!

Even with the lowest generation day possible within a month of extremely wet weather December still ended on par with the previous year. This final month of 2013 generated a solar electricity yield total of 60.45 kWs.

The final December solar generation figures are:

December Generation Stats
Best day: 4.84 kW 29/12/2013
Worst day: 0.00 kW 23/12/2013
Generation per kW/panel: 30.23 kW
Daily average: 1.95 kW

December 2013 Solar Generation Statistics

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